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Music with heart, soul 

and joy!

Kat’s Imaginative Piano, Vocal, 

Guitar and Ukulele Lessons

Your musical journey begins here!

Kathy Morrow, Professional Pianist, Singer and Entertainer

Music is a wonderful outlet for self-expression. Kathy, will help you find your "inner musician". She teaches young, budding musicians how to read and interpret music.  And, offers more advanced students an outlet to evolve and write their own music.


A Life Filled With Harmony and Melody

The Story of My Journey

My name is, Kathy Morrow, owner of Kat’s Imaginative Piano, Vocal, Guitar and Ukulele Lessons. I have been performing all over the world for more than 41 years, and I bring a wealth of knowledge of piano and vocals. I started teaching more than 2 years ago to encourage singers to learn how to play musical instruments. This gives them a better understanding of how they can relate to other musicians.

I graduated from the University of Nebraska and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre with an emphasis in acting.  Although, my degree is in Theatre, I performed, regularly, throughout my college years as a singer with a jazz band.  If you want to play by reading music or by listening with your ear, I am here to help you discover that talent.

Teaching the Heart of Music 

My goal is to provide piano, vocal, and beginning ukulele and guitar sessions/styling to people aged 8 and above. I will teach them how to play instruments by ear and by reading notes. Moreover, I will share some techniques with them so that they can enhance vocal and musical arrangements.

Kat’s Imaginative Piano, Vocal and Ukulele Lessons

A Licensed Business

Phone: 970-376-3477


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